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Hello, I'm Agent Isai, also known as Agent. On Miraheze, I contribute to the Miraheze Meta, mostly translating pages and sometimes assisting others. I also maintain mirrors for all wikis in the Club Penguin Wiki Network, including the Club Penguin Archives, Club Penguin Fanon, Club Penguin Shops and the Club Penguin Wiki in Portuguese here on Miraheze. Outside of Miraheze, I contribute to Translatewiki under the username Agent, Wiktionary, and sometimes Wikipedia under the username Agent Isai.

I was originally a lurker on TropicalWikis wikis because of my involvement with the CPWN, before its failed merger with Orain in 2013, then I joined Orain around that time and was administrator of the IRC Wiki before Orain's fall in 2015. I then joined Miraheze a month after the fall of Orain and have been here since then.

If you ever need to contact me, you can send me a message on my talk page, or message on Libera Chat where I'm Agent, or on Discord as Agent#3928. I also generally reside on #miraheze, #wikipedia, and #wiktionary on Libera and I'm on the Miraheze, Wikipedia and Wiktionary Discord servers.