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Users who use Discord may use this template on their user page.


Template Result
{{user discord}}
#This user chats on Discord.
{{user discord|account=User#1234}}
#This user chats on Discord as User#1234.

Optional parameters

you can use this parameter for show your username on discord
(default: right)
use parameter |nocat=yes to avoid categorisation.
use parameter |username=yes to change text This user to your username.

See also

{{User discord}}
#This user chats on Discord.
{{User github}}
GitLogo.pngThis user has an account on GitHub.
{{User instagram}}
Instagram icon.pngThis user has an account on Instagram.
{{User IRC}}
#This user chats on IRC.
{{User twitter}}
Twitter logo initial.svgThis user tweets on Twitter.
{{User wikimedia}}
Wikimedia Foundation Logo.pngThis user has an account at the Wikimedia Foundation projects.
{{User youtube}}
YouTube full-color icon (2017).svgThis user has a YouTube channel.