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AutoWikiBrowser aka AWB is a semi-automatic wiki-editor created to assist with repetitive editing of MediaWiki wikis. Among other things, AWB is designed to perform search & replace instructions provided by the user, upon a list of pages it can assists the user in making. It also has numerous settings for specifying related actions, such as skipping pages, adding material to the beginning or end of each page, etc.


Check every edit before saving, otherwise AWB can cause a lot of unintentional damage.

Getting started

  • Do Options > Preferences > select Site tab > for Project: select custom, enter https:// and then click Ok.
  • Do File > Log in/Profiles, enter username and password and click Login.
  • Under Make list, select a source, e.g. Text file (UTF-8)
  • Specify what to do to each page.
  • Start the process (AWB takes you through each page, previewing the planned changes, and letting you make further changes, such as adding a template)

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